The Perfect Place for CO-LABoration & Experimentation as You Create, Launch & Grow Your Successful Coaching Business

The Lab is Currently Closed and will Re-Open in Spring 2021!

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You love to Coach.


You want a successful Coaching business.


You want to serve clients powerfully - AND be just as or MORE as successful as you are in your 9 to 5. 


But HOW?


This is the question I get asked the most AND have coached my 1:1 clients most often.  Since there is only one of me, I created this community.


I designed The Coaching Co-Lab as a unique and supportive place for Coaches to: 


  • understand the EXACT path - EVERY step that I took and still DO take as a successful coaching business owner. You get to grow as I grow
  • get ongoing access to the step-by-step guide for how I created, launched and grew a successful 6-figure (and growing) practice in just a few years
  • receive Coaching, feedback support and tools all along the way for as long as you need it
  • be connected to the most powerful network of professional coaches to collaborate and experiment in a safe space as you create, launch and grow your business 

The Coaching Co-Lab began as a vision is to create a supportive community where you feel safe to create, try new ways of gaining exposure and build your confidence as a Coach and I feel SO proud that it is exactly that. 

 In the Lab, you will connect with the fact that the success you experience is simply evidence of the loving and supportive energy that you consistently put out into the world.  

Are you ready to GO?  Let's do this, let's experiment... TOGETHER!


I am so grateful you are here.


Let Me in the Lab!

Clear Process

Learn & follow the EXACT process I followed to create, launch and grow a 6-figure Coaching Business ...without all the mistakes that I made along the way :-)

Affordable Coaching Support

Get locked in at a SUPER affordable community led by Bridgette the Go Coach where you will feel supported and guided no matter WHERE you are in your journey to being a successful Coaching Business owner. 

Sorry!- The Lab is Currently Closed

 It will open again in 20201. Sign up to be on the VIP list so you don't miss your chance to join this country club for coaches. Creating, launching and growing a successful coaching business is a JOURNEY.  We are in this together.   


Let Me in the Lab!

What will I gain from being in The Lab?

  • A clear & certain path to CREATE, LAUNCH and GROW a sustainable, successful Coaching Business - even if it's part-time.  I have been at this nearly a decade now.  I know a lil something ;-)
  • Loving and fun support from Bridgette the Go Coach - Successful Coaching Business Owner, Trainer with a track record of Coaching Coaches to achieve their own success that feels and looks effortless - because it's done YOUR WAY. 
  • A supportive community where you can experiment and grow and learn together.  Bridgette learned that having a Coaching Business can feel very lonely at times, so having quality connections of a group of peers to encourage you makes the difference between quitting and pushing forward to reach your goals.
  • Be held ACCOUNTABLE so that  you stay committed and moving forward toward your goal of a successful coaching business - even if it's at a turtle's pace
  • A unique opportunity to be coached and supported by one of the most incredible Coaches on the planet for less than $100 a month. 
  • access to step by step guides, templates and resources designed to make creating, launching and growing your coaching business FASTER and easier than you ever thought possible
  • Note:  Fear of missing out is often a symptom of choosing not to get in the Lab when the opportunity presents itself.  Don't let this be you :-)
I've GOT to Get in this Lab!


Ok, let's get this party started! 

Let Me in the Lab!
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